Fair Weather Fans
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Fair Weather Fans

an article about the Dallas Mavericks.

When a team is winning, and is the best at the moment, the fans cannot stop singing their praises. As soon as a franchise loses a game, the fans say they are the worst team in the NBA. The two teams that are fighting for the title have proven that they are the best this season, and which ever team loses, that team will be the second best in the league. The worst teams in the NBA, are at home watching the games from the comfort of their couches or beds. Those kind of heavy slams should not be thrown at either team.

An athlete's job is to play the hardest they can, and to do the best of their ability. Neither team, at this level want to lose, and they both expend a tremendous amount of energy and skill, whether they end up winning or losing.  Personal attacks against one particular player when an entire team loses is unfair and completely juvenille.

Sports can be very hard to predict, you are on top one day, and thrown in the gutter the next. Under dogs and come backs create the big stories in sports and film. If a team loses one day, they can come back and take names the next. Neither team is playing at the top level offensively. Both teams are making stupid mistakes, and these games are often decided best when the clock has less than a minute to go. Is that really Championship level basketball, I hardly think so. Nonetheless, victories are victories no matter how they are executed.

I will always be a Mavs fan, because I believe that this team and its stars have integrity, loyalty, and heart. Dirk Nowitzki could easily win a Championship ring for another franchise, but he chooses to stay in Dallas. He does not jump his home ship, for an easier ride. The same can not be said for other star players. Maybe the fans and members of the media who are so quick to cut down this team at their knees should think about that.

Staying still and fighting back is the best road to take, and if any team has a shot to win, they need clear fans support. Jason Terry is an amazing and wonderful player, and he has gotten the Dallas Mavericks this far, and I for one think we never would have made it this far without him.

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