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Living on a Prayer: Mavs Victory

an article about the dallas mavericks.

The Dallas Mavs had another amazing victory so the fair weather fans and all of the critics can relax for another day. Dirk Nowitzki finally got the much needed help he so badly needed, the bench and the role players finally stood up and came through. Jason Terry withstood the mass criticism, and some shoots finally went his way.

Dallas fans were very happy that there hopes and prayers were so greatly answered. The entire buzzed with great excitement and joy. The Dallas Maverics were once again hometown heroes.

This win was a complete team effort, and the fans in the packed arena really gave this team the energy they needed when all hope seemed lost before the game.

Jason Terry took all the grief upon his shoulders whether it was deserved or not, and helped his team get a win. Jason Kidd once again also proved why he is seen as one of the best point guards ever to play the game. At 38, he plays with as much energy and precision as someone half his age. People say that age is nothing but a number, and Jason Terry has proven that to be true.

Dirk Nowitzki has had a horrible hand dealt to him this finals series. First, his left hand finger was hurt badly forcing him to wear a splint on his finger for the rest of the series. Last night, bad luck happened to him, once again. Dirk woke up the morning of one of the biggest with flu-like symptoms, and he played through the game with a high fever over a hundred degrees. He played through the pain, while putting wet towels over his head and face during breaks from play on the bench.

 Through all his problems, Dirk still had a good, steady perfomance, and his team helped him through his weak state of fatigue. Dirk was so strong last night, proving that he will never been called soft.

Sometimes adversity is the greatest gift because it fuels the human spirit. It makes people fight have victory over their personal demons.

This team has proven once again that they are a never say die team. They will fight until the very last second. Will they get that elusive championship ring? Only time will tell, but for now this team should be called a group of fighters. Each victory inches them closer to their ultimate winning goal.

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